Polishing Machine

Products overview

Our company product organic fertilizer polishing machine is a polishing device which is based on the KP - 400 type flat die extrusion granulator. This machine makes cylindrical particle roll into a ball at one time, no returning materials, high granulation rate, and strength, beautiful and practical. It is the ideal organic fertilizer ball granule device nowadays.


(1) High output, and in the process, can be flexible with one or several granulators used at the same time, solving the disadvantage that a granulator must be equipped with a polishing machine, which bring complex processing, big investment, multiple devices have finished goods with different quality.

 (2)The machine is made up by two or more polishing cylinder orderly, the material will output after many times polishing, finished grain size, consistent densities, and roundness of the smooth, high finished products rate. 

(3)Beautiful contour, simple structure, safe and reliable. 

(4)Convenient operation and maintenance, and according to the directions to operation. 

(5)Strong prevent overload ability, adapt to all kinds of conditions. 

(6) Low power consumption, low production cost, high economic benefit 


Output (T/h)123
Equipped power(Kw)111115
Disc Diameter(mm)   8810001200
Overall Dimensions(mm)2800×920×12903100× 1020 ×13903400×1120×1490