Vertical Disc Fertilizer Mixer

The vertical disc fertilizer mixer is a kind of fertilizer blender plant mainly used for mixing raw material, and the mixing uniformity is improved because the material is well mixed. With the new rotor structure, the minimum clearance between the rotor and the shell can be adjusted to almost zero, which effectively reduce the amount of residual material.

Polypropylene plate or stainless steel as plate lining, so that not easier sticking material and wear resistance. The reducer is the type of cycloid pin gear reducer, with advantages of compact structure, easy operation, mixing evenly, unloading and conveying are convenient. The overall structure is more reasonable, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance.

Working principle:

The motor drives the reducer to operate, the reducer drives the main shaft, and the main shaft drives the stirring tooth to mix the material.

Structure: All the work parts of this machine is mounted and fixed on the frame. The frame of the machine is welded by carbon steel plate and channel steel, and through strict product certification and specific process requirements to achieve the using purpose.


MixerRotate   SpeedPowerProduct   CapacityOverall dimensions (L*W*H)Weight
DiameterWall Height