Double-screws Turning Machine

Summary of the equipment 

          It not only can be used in commercial and industrial, but also can be used in our life. It used in livestock and poultry dung, sludge waste, sugar mill filter mud, such as sawdust and straw, bad slag cake fermentation of organic waste heap, widely used in organic fertilizer factory, fertilizer plant, sludge stink, king and the fermentation of agaricus bisporus planting factory and rotten and removing moisture.

     The compost production machine is suitable for aerobic fermentation, it can be used with solar fermentation chamber and fermentation tank. With the supporting fermentation tank, the material can be discharged continuously, it has the high efficiency, stable operation, durable, and even. And it also has the characteristics of large span and wide span. 

     Control cabinet centralized control, that can realize manual or automatic control function, the material has certain breaking and mixing function, limit travel switch, play safety and limit role. 

Basic power parameters of equipment:

modelMain motorGirder walking motor.Turn over the pile motor.Hydraulic pump motor.Groove depth