Molten Tank

Product introduction 

DYG liquid mixing tank is electric heating type, this product is suitable for use in food, drink, medicine class. In the middle of the buffer is commonly used in chemical industry, etc. Reservoir. Stir. Deployment and so on, this product material mix. High efficiency. Easy operation. Use a little heat environment protection, etc.At the top of the inlet feed is convenient, simple observation hole, cylinder equipped with liquid level meter for observation of the liquid storage, type electric heating group, lower part has a metering pump and the fluid pipe, outlet, thermocouple, transmission part for cycloidal reducer to drive in the middle.The contact material is 304 stainless steel, the surface is processed.

 Structure and working principle. 

This machine is made of rack, shell and stirring system. Heating device.Heating system, start the input liquid, observe liquid level position, motor drive system start stirring blades spin, let the temperature of the liquid are fully mixed achieve ideal result, facilitate the transfer of metering pump.The flow size adjusts the metering pump knob according to the actual situation. 20130503_091343.png