Double Shafts Horizontal Mixer

The working process of the double shafts horizontal mixer is that with the rotating of two sets of shafts with spiral vanes, the powder material within is sprayed, wet and stirred, so that make the powdery material reach the effect of controllable humidity. The equipment is mainly suitable for humidifying and mixing raw materials of chemical fertilizer industry, mixing material sufficiently, also with conveying function.

The double shafts horizontal mixer is mainly composed of the following parts:

1、Main motor and reducer (the transmission part);
2、Paired meshing drive gears;
3、Front and rear thrust bearing assemblies;
4、Main and passive spiral stirring shafts;
7、Inlet and outlet;
8、Base frame;

Working principles:

When the dry powder materials are quantitatively fed through the inlet, the power transmission machinery will drive the spiral spindle with a plurality of blades start to rotate, and then the passive screw shaft drove by the paired meshing drive gears will rotate reversely in a same speed, so that the material is stirred, and push into the tank humidifying section.

After the material being propelled to the humidifying section, the humidifier automatically sprays the material, then fully mix in the back of the tank mixing section. When the material reaches the controlled humidity, it is discharged from the discharge port and go to the next process.

Model ZYQ-QZ

Speed reducer JZQElectric motorSpindle speed (Y/mm)Rotating diameter (mm)Prod CapacityWeight KG