YSL2 Series Organic Fertilizer Granulator

This fertilizer granule making machine is mainly composed of uniform feeding component, first granulation section, secondary granulation section, first dynamic part, secondary dynamic part of the stirring tooth, secondary cylinder transmission part, the silo and rack section.

The shell of first segment adopts split combination type, which does not need lifting appliance and also can be disassembled manually. This is easy to clean inner wall of the shell. Operational principle: firstly, the materials enter the first granulation section from uniform feeding component (adjusting feeding quantity through rotation speed), through high speed and adjustable stirring knife for pre-granulation, then push to secondary granulation section. Granulating the material in the secondary granulation section and through internal stirring tooth secondary granulation plus external cylinder drum shaping to achieve the purpose of granulation, so that the particles have a better quality assurance. We have designed suction port and dust removal port in the silo section and users can connect a vacuum cleaner to meet environment discharge requirements. We also have designed the observation door and the spray pipe hole. And the users can spray liquid to particles that in the cylinder drum according to the requirement of particles size.

ModelCapacity (t/h)Diameter (mm)Power

YSL2 Series Organic Fertilizer Granulator