80000 tons of NPK fertilizer combination granulation production line

The output value of NPK fertilizer production line of our company is ton, can choose different NPK fertilizer production line according to output value, we are the manufacturer of NPK fertilizer production line

NPK fertilizer refers to the fertilizer that contains two or more nutrient elements. NPK fertilizer has the advantages of high nutrient content, few accessory components and good physical properties. It plays a very important role in balanced fertilization, improving fertilizer utilization rate and promoting the high and stable yield of crops.
Nutrient elements:Generally, the total amount of nutrients of NPK fertilizers is relatively high, and there are many kinds of nutrient elements. Applying NPK fertilizers at one time can supply at least two major nutrients of crops at the same time. Uniform structure:For example, ammonium phosphate does not contain any useless subcomponents, and its anions and cations are the main nutrients absorbed by crops. The distribution of nutrients in this fertilizer is relatively uniform. Compared with the powdered or crystalline unit fertilizer after granulation, the structure is close, the nutrient release is uniform, and the fertilizer efficiency is stable and long. The adverse effect on the soil is small due to less secondary components. Good physical character:NPK fertilizer is usually made into particles, with little moisture absorption, not easy to agglomerate, convenient for storage and application, especially convenient for mechanical fertilization. Storage, transport and packaging:Since there are few auxiliary components in NPK fertilizer, the content of active ingredients is generally higher than that of unit fertilizer, so it can save the cost of packaging, storage and transportation.

Video of the 80000 tons of NPK fertilizer combination granulation production line in detail,Include detailed working details of each machine.

Main equipment in the 80000 tons of NPK fertilizer combination granulation production line:
After the raw materials are mixed, they are automatically sent into the single silo single weigh dynamic automatic batching system series by the belt conveyor for the mixing, batching and feeding of 3-8 kinds of materials. It has the advantages of easy operation, high material precision, adjustable material ratio, high efficiency, energy saving, easy installation and mobility.
The Double axis mixer machine is used for mixing powdery materials to make the powdery materials reach the controllable humidity, so its granulation process does not need dry process and crushing process, this equipment is mainly applied to the humidification and mixing of raw materials in the fertilizer industry, so that the materials are fully stirred and compatible with the conveying function.
This series of granulator is a new patented product developed by our company and the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute. It is designed and manufactured by the new technology of wet continuous push rod granulation. The machine can not only granulate a variety of organic matter, especially for the coarse fiber materials which are difficult to be granulated by conventional equipment, such as crop straw, wine residue, mushroom residue, drug residue, animal dung and so on. The granulation can be made after fermentation, and it also can be achieved the better effect of grain making to acid and municipal sludge. The Combined granulator is the key machine of the 80000 tons of NPK fertilizer combination granulation production line.
80000 tons of NPK fertilizer combination granulation production line
The rotary dryer is widely used for the fertilizer processing and dry a certain temperature and granularity of fertilizer. in the Nissan 200 tons compound fertilizer combination granulation production line, the moisture content of the particles after granulation is generally between 15% ~ 20%, but the fertilizer quality index of moisture content requires less than 14% and it needs low temperature drying, which needs drying treatment with rotary dryer. In the fermentation process, the moisture content of organic materials is about 30% ~ 40%, it also need the drying process, therefore, the drying process is an indispensable and important process in the process of fertilizer production, which directly affects the output, quality and energy consumption. It has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, uniform drying, cleaning fewer materials, convenient use and maintenance.
Cyclone dust collector is a type of dust removal device. Each component of the cyclone dust collector has a certain size ratio, the reduction of short-circuit flow can increase the efficiency of dust removal, increase the down flow of the section, and increase the residence time of the dust-laden air in the dust collector, creating more separation opportunities for dust. 
It is mainly used for cooling fertilizer with certain temperature and particle size, the rotary cooler is widely used for the production of compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer production it can greatly improve the cooling rate, reduce labor intensity and improve the quality, further remove moisture, reduce the grain temperature of fertilizer.
Rotary Screener is used for achieving the products classification, separating finished products and return materials of granules, the finished product evenly classified, Granules were screened after cooling, and the large particles of materials are crushed were transported into granulator with the sifted powder by the return belt for re-granulation, and the finished products enter the coating machine and automatic packaging system for packing. The machine uses a combined screen, easy maintenance and replacement with simple structure, convenient operation, stable running
Chain crusher is applied to the grinding the block in the production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. This machine use high-intensity wear resisting and cemented carbide chain plate with synchronous speed. 
The rotary coating machine can be lined with polypropylene or acid resistant stainless steel in the main engine, the coating agent is adhered to the surface of the granule with a powder coating machine or a liquid melting pot. Its coated granules are uniform, round, beautiful appearance and good effect. It is commonly used for the organic fertilizer production line, NPK compound fertilizer production line, and BB fertilizer production line.
The automatic fertilizer packing machine is mainly used for automatic quantitative packaging of powder materials, granule materials and mixed materials in the organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and in-organic fertilizer production. It has the advantages of closed internal circulation system, preventing dust flying effectively, improving the working environment, protecting the operator's health. 
Advantages of 80000 tons of NPK fertilizer combination granulation production line:
1.This equipment has the less investment, good results and the great economic benefits.
2.Complete sets of equipment are compact, scientific and reasonable, and advanced in technology.
3.It can save energy , and has no waste discharge, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.
4.The material has wide adaptability and is suitable for granulation of all kinds of raw materials such as compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed and so on, and the product has high granulation rate. It can produce all kinds of concentration, multiple types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetized fertilizer, etc.) compound fertilizer. In particular, it can produce rare-earth, potash and ammonium bicarbonate series compound fertilizer granulating.

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