What is the difference between bio-organic fertilizer and farmyard manure?

 What is bio-organic fertilizer?what is farmyard manure?What is the difference between bio-organic fertilizer and farmyard manure?What is difference in fertilizer manufacturing process?This article share the answer with you.
1.What is bio-organic fertilizer and farmyard manure?
Bio fertilizer refers to a group of specific functional microorganisms and organic materials mainly composed of animal and plant residues(such as livestock and polutry manure,crop straw,etc),which have been harmlessly treated and decomposed,and have microorganisms.Fertilizers for fertilizer and organic fertilizer effects.Farmyard manure refers to organic fertilizers that farmers make from livestock manure,manure or crop straw.
Second,the difference between bio organic fertilizers contain a large number of benefical organisms.Microbial activities can improve soil physical and chemical properties,inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms,and promote crop growth.The microbial content of farmyard manure is less,and benefical microorganisms and harmful microorganisms coexist.
2.The difference in fertilizer accumulation in the openair for a long time is short and complete,nutrient loss is less,fertilizer effect is relatively fast;farmyard fertilizer accumulation in the pests and disease that are harmful to crop growth in the manure of livestock and poultry through thee action of benefical microorganisms.In addition,the bio fertilizer production,the bio organic fertilizer is fermented,fully fermented and applied to the soil,which will not cause the roots and butns of the crops,but the farmer's fertilizer is not thoroughly cooked.When the dosage is slightly larger,rooting and burning of the seedings will occur,resulting in reduced yield.
The fertilizer machine manufacturers design the fertilizer machines in order to make the fertilizer producer produce high quality fertilizer and save more time,to improve the efficient.