The introduction of organic fertilizer manufacturing process

 Fertilizer granulator can be divided into organic fertilizer granulator and compound fertilizer granulator,when we produce the organic fertilizer granulator,we can choose the fertilizer manufacturing process to produce it.So how to produce it?
The fertilizer machine manufacturers designed the different type fertilizer production lines to make different fertilizer granulator,in this article,we will share more with you about the organic fertilizer production line by this video.

The line is called organic fertilizer manufacturing process,which is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator.In the line it is first step to use the batching system to batch the raw material and then put the material into the chain crusher machine and vertical mixer machine  make them to be crushed and mixed uniformally. Next making the raw material enter into the fertilizer granulator machine,which in the line it equipped disc granulator to make the organic fertilizer granulator.Soetimes the organic fertilizer granulator have the requirement of the moisture,so we need to make these fertilizer granulator to be dryed and cooled using the drum dryer machine and cooler machine.Finishing the granulating and drying,we use the fertilizer screener machine to screen the fertilizer granulator and to separate the quality fertilizer granulator and inquality fertilizer granulatoR.Put the quality fertilizer granulator into the automatic packing machine to be packed,and the inquality fertilizer granulator enter into the chain crusher machine to be ready to be made granulator again.Until there,a complete fertilizer production line is finished.In this process it all needs the bellt conveyor to tranport the raw material.
Uisng the fertilizer manufacturing process not only improve the producivity efficient,it also improve the working efficient and the fertilizer granulator quality.