What role does potash play in crop growth?

 What is the relationship between potash and crops?What are the symptoms of potassium deficiency in crops?What happens to the crop with too much potassium?The potash fertilizer is a kind of single fertilizer which can be used to produce by the npk fertilizer production.So how we to use the potash fertilizer?
Potassium is one of the three elements of fertilizer.It is a nutrient element that requires a lot of crops.Potassium is not a component of crops,but potash can promote cell growth and division,promote protein and carbohydrate synthesis,assimilate nitrogen,and protoplasm.Life activities are closely related to phosynthesis.When When potassium is sufficient, the stems and leaves of the plants grow robustly, and the ability to resist pests, lodgings and droughts is enhanced.
When the crop is deficient in potassium, the photosynthetic intensity decreases, and the tip and edge of the old leaf begin to yellow. When it develops to the middle and base of the leaf, the leaf edge is brown, and finally the dry and small spotted death tissue appears. When potassium is deficient in cereal crops, it often leads to excessive nitrogen fertilizer, which leads to late-stage greed, resulting in “a gratifying seedling and a harvest of gas”. Potassium deficiency in crops also tends to reduce resistance to pests and other natural disasters. Therefore, in the production should pay attention to the application of potassium fertilizer, especially the cultivation of potato crops based on storage of carbohydrates should pay more attention to the application of potassium fertilizer.
The effect of potash on crop yield has been fully recognized. Therefore, the amount of chemical potash is increasing and the supply is in short supply. Therefore, we should try to expand the source of potash, such as applying fire ash, grass ash, etc., to solve the current shortage of potash. To increase crop yield and quality.

As the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we design the fertilizer production line to make the npk fertilizer.The potash fertilizer is a necessary element of the crop need,so we should find more raw material to make the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.By the way,producing the npk,compound fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine we can choose the rotary drum granulator ,disc granulator and roller press granulator.