NPK fertilizer production project(First)

 NPK fertilizer granulator using is a trend in nowdays,and we use the fertilizer manfuacturing process to make the npk fertilizer granulator.But how to buid a complete npk fertilizer production line to make the compound fertilizer granulator?How to make the npk fertilizer granulator?What fertilizer machines are included in the npk fertilizer production line?How to produce the npk,compound fertilizer granulator ? We share more information with you.
Writing this article to make you know more about the building of  a complete fertilizer production line.It isthe first to make a plan for your project,firstly,we need to choose a place to be as our factory.And when we choose the place,how we to choose a suitable place to make the fertilizer granulator.
When we choose the place ,we need to be attention that we should choose a big place that enough to make the place can contain our fertilizer machines to produce the fertilizer.And we should notice that it is the best if the place near to the raw material.Because if it is near to the raw material,we can get the fresh raw material and we also can reduce the time and cost of transporting.What's more,why we produce the npk fertilizer granulator?
The npk fertilizer granulator is a combination of nitrogen fertilizer,phosphorus fertilizer and potassium fertilizer.They are the basic element of the compound fertilizer.So we are first to anylase the usage of the three fertilizer.
Nitrogen is the main component of protein composition,and protein is the basic substance in the composition of cellular protoplasts.The application of nitrogen fertilizer can promote the formation of protein and chlorophyll,make the leaf color dark green,increase the leaf ares,promote the assimilation of carbon,and help the yield increase and quality improvement.
Phosphorus is an indispensable element for rhe formation of nuclear proteins,lecithin and the like.Phosphorus can accelerate cell division,promote root and shoot growth,promote flower bud differentiation,early maturty,and improve fruit quality.
The nutritive effect of potassium can increase the intensity of photosynthesis,promote the formation of starch and sugar in crops,enchance the resistance and disease of crops,and improve the absorption and utilization of nitrogen by crops.
Compound fertilizer:The chemical fertilizer refers to a chemical fertilizer that contains three elements of npk or only two elements in the composition.It has the advantages of high nutrient content,less auxiliary components,uniform nutrient release,stable and long-lasting fertilizer,and convenient storage and application.

Usually,the fertilizer were made into granulator,so what type fertilizer granulator machine we can use when we produce the fertilizer granulator?In next article,we will share  more with you.What type fertilizer granulator machine in the npk fertilizer production when we choose to make npk fertilizer granulator?And how about the fertilizer production process?As the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we design some successful case for our customers,and share some with you,you can know some information and if you have problems about the ready of the ferilizer production line,you can leave a message for us,we will supply some professional suggestions for you.