NPK fertilizer production(second)

 Producing the npk fertilizer granulator usiong the fertilizer manufacturing process is not so complex and the fertilizer granulator quality is also good.So what machines are included in the fertilizer production line?How to produce the fertilizer granulator?
In a complete npk fertilizer production line,it is the first to deal the raw material.How to deal the raw material?The raw material always some nitorgen,urea and other single fertilizer.Producing the npk fertilizer granulator,we need to mixing them using the fertilizer mixer machine firstly.And for some raw material,if it is necessary,we need also to use the fertilizer crusher machine to crush it and then mixing.Then Put them into the fertilizer granulator machine to make the granulator.When producing the npk fertilizer granulator,we can use the rotawy drum granulator to make the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.Besides the rotary drum granulator ,we also can use the disc or the roller press granulator machine to make the granulator.After that,the fertilizer granulator are put into the fertilizer screener machine to be screened,in order to seperate the quality fertilizer granulator and inquality fertilizer granulator.Put the quality fertilizer granulator into the coating machine to be coated.Finally enter them into the automatic packing machine to be packed.

A complete npk fertilizer production around through these step,and these machine are easy to operate.The process is also not so complex as the bio fertilizer production or the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.In this process,there are also some detailes need to be noticed,some outdoor factors also effect them.So as the fertilizer machine manufacturers,when we design the fertilizer production line,generally,we will depend on our customers' requirement to design.Making the fertilizer production line to make them more convenient to customers.