How to use the fertilizer in winter?

Nowdays,using the fertilizer manufacturing process to make fertilizer granulator is high efficient and high yield.Although the fertilizer are produced in the fertilizer production line,we also need to notice the using of the fertilizer granulator.Especially in the winter for vegetables in greenhouse.
Planting vegetables in greenhouses in winter is the guarantee for the annual suppky of vegetables.Because the environment is relatively closed in the greenhouse,once the fertilization is improper,it will cause to the vegetables,such as the phenmenon of burning seedings,and the toxic gas produced by the fertilizer will damage the leaves and tender steams.Enen causing palnt death etc.
1.It is not possible to apply a large amount of cake fertilizer without decomposing:becase the cake has a small carbon-nitrogen ratio and wuick decomposition,it is easy to produce high temperature and high concentration of ammonia and organic acid,and it is easy to burn roots.
2.It can not apply chorine-containing fertilizer:Chloride ion can reduce the starch and sugar content of vegetables,make the qality of vegetables worse,the yield is reduced,and the chloride ions remain in the soil ,which can lead to acidfication of the soil and easily cause decalcification of the soil.If the chloride ion content in the air is too high,it will also cause to the blade.
3.For the application of phosphate fertilizer,it is not possible to apply more diammonium phosphate:the growth and development of vegetables requires a large amount of nitrogen and potassium,and less phosphorus is required.In addition,diammonium phosphate should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as grass ash to avoid ammonia volatilization and ammonia damage. At the same time, it is not appropriate to disperse the application of phosphate fertilizer. Phosphorus is easily absorbed and solidified by the soil and loses fertilizer efficiency. Therefore, phosphate fertilizer is suitable for base fertilizer or concentrated in root layer dense soil in the early stage of vegetable.
When using the fertilizer granulator,we need to be noticed that it need to be grasped the amount of use of the fertilizer at different points in time.We are just supply some fertilizer using suggestions from the view of the fertilizer machine manufacturers.More fertilizer machines or fertilizer production line if you have,you can visit our website and leave message for us,we will supply some professional fertilizer producing suggestion for you about how to choose the fertilizer machine or the fertilizer production line.