What is scientific fertilization?

 What is the purpose of fertilization? What is the principle of scientific fertilization? Why should we apply science?How to produce fertilizer scientific?What roles of the fertilizer manufacturing process in the process?There,share our view for you.
First,the purpose of fertilization:Fertilization can change the metabolic function crops and promote the accumulation of protein,starch,sugar,fat,alkaloids and other substances in crops,thus achieving the purpose of improving quality.Conversely,excessive fertilization or unreasonable fertilization can cause soil pollution,intensification of pests and disease,damage to the ecological environment,decline in product quality and yield and even poisoning.Scientific fertilization is an important measure to improve crop yield and qualtiy,improve the flavor of agricultural products,and promote the commerical value of commerical agricultural products.
So before using the fertilizer,what we need to be noticed that when we producing the fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturing process?Firstly,different fertilizer machines and fertilizer maufactring process are suitable for producing the different type fertilizer granulator,we need to know that what type fertilizer granulator that we need to produce.Then we can choose the suitable fertilizer production line to make the fertilizer granulator.Generally speaking,the organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer are the main fertilizer granulator in the fertilizer industry.You can use the npk fertilizer production to produce the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.And what's more,if you need the fertilizer granulator,in the line it will be equipped with a set of fertilizer granulator machine which is used to produc the npk fertilizer granulator,like the rotary drum granulator,disc granulator and roller press granulator and so on.
Second,the principle of scientific fertilization
1.Combined application of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer:Soil organic matter is an important indicator of soil fertility.Adding organic fertilizer can increase soil organic matter content,improve soil physical,chemical and biological properties,improve soil water retention and fertilizer retention capacity,enhance soil microbial activity,and improve fertilizer utilization.
2.Mixed application of large amount ,medium amount and trace elements:the combination of various nutrient elements is an important part of formula fertilization.With the continuous improvement of yield,in the case of intensive use of cultivated land,it is neccessary to emphasize the mutual cooperation of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.And supplement the neccessary medium and trace elements in  order to obtain high yield and stable yield.
Third,the benefits of scientific fertilization
1.Increasing production:Through the soil testing and formula fertilization measures,thee crop yield is improved on the orginal basis,and under the current production conditions,the crop production potential can be maximized.
2, improve the quality: through soil testing and formula fertilization to balance crop nutrition, so that crops in the quality of agricultural products improved.
3, improve fertilizer efficiency: to achieve reasonable fertilization, nutrient distribution ratio balance, distribution science, improve fertilizer utilization, reduce production costs, increase fertilization benefits.
4, environmental protection: through soil testing and formula fertilization, reduce the waste of volatiles, loss and other waste, reduce the accumulation of nitrate and non-point source pollution, thereby protecting the agricultural ecological environment.
5. Improve soil: Through the combined application of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer, the input-output balance of cultivated land nutrients can be realized, and the yield per unit can be improved year by year. The soil fertility can be continuously improved to achieve the purpose of fertilizing soil and improving the comprehensive production capacity of cultivated land.
As a whole,developing the agriculture,it is not onle depend on the fertilizer,it also need to notice the method when we fertilizing.What's more,knowing more knowledge about the fertilizer machines is also some help.Developing the agriculture,it also need the help of the fertilizer machine manufacturers,which to design and produce more fertilizer machines are suitable for more different type fertilizer granulator.