Why we use the fermentation compost turner machine?

 Producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we need to ferment the raw material using the fermentation compost turner machine,which is equipped in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.Why should unfertilized organic fertilizer be applied?What are the hazards of unfertilized organic fertilizer?There,this article will share the answer with you.
Organic fertilizer is a relatively comprehensive nutrient fertilizer,and the fertilizer is durable,which can make the crop grow steaily.At the same time,there is also the role of changing soil and increasing production.However, the available nutrient content of organic fertilizer is low, and it can only be supplied to crops after being decomposed by microorganisms.If the organic fertilizer that has not been decomposed is directly applied to the soil, then the fertilizer has only sufficient carbon source in the process of decomposing, and lacks the necessary nitrogen source, resulting in a short-term imbalance of carbon to nitrogen ratio, so that the microorganism is decomposing the organic fertilizer process.In the middle,some of the available nitrogen is taken from the soil to accelerate its own reproduction,and the organic fertilizer is decomposed.In this way,it is inevtiable to complete with the crop for nitrogen,which causes soil denfication and affects crop growth and development.In addition,in the process of decomposing,due to the decomposition of microorganisms,high temperature and accumulationof a large amount of organic acids,as well as other toxic substances,it may affect the root growth of croops,causing burning and rotting roots in sever cases.There is one point need to be shared,to make the raw material fermented uniformally,the fertilizer machine manufacturers designed the fermentation compost turner machine,like the windrow compost turner machine,simple compost turner machine and other type fermentation compost to ferment the raw material.After the organic fertilizer is fermented by decomposing,the weed seeds,eggs and germs can be eliminated by the action of high temperature.Therefore,it is recommened that the organic fertilizer is applied after being fermented.