Organic fertilizer manufacturing technology

The fertilizer manufacturing process is designed for producing fertilizer granulator.Producing a kind of fertilizer granulator may have the different fertilizer producing method.Producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator have two different fertilizer manufacturring process method,we share more with you there.
The key to the bio fertilizer production process is the choice of granulation methods.According to the requirements of the production process,the current granulation methods commonly used in bio fertilizers mainly include disc granulation and roller press granulation.Because of different granulation methods,the requirements for raw materials are different,so there are differences in the production process of bio fertilizers.
Disc mixing granulation process:The disc mixing granulation process firstly needs to dry the raw material to remove a certain amount of water and then crush it,then add a certain amount of acid and alkali to adjust the carrier ph and mix it with the inorganic fertilizer part evenly,and sent it to the disc granulator machine,which is a kind of fertilizer granulator machine can be used to make organic fertilizer granulator and compound fertilizer granulator.Acertain amount of microbial agent is sprayed into the granulation process,and the granulated products isfurther dried at a low temperature and sieved to obtain a finished product.
Mixed extrusion granulation process:the raw material is dried until the water content is less than 10%,then crushing the raw material using the fertilizer crusher machine and then mixed with the acid-base regulator,inorganic fertilizer,microbial agent,and then sent to the granulator for granulation,after screening the fertilizer granulator using the drum screener machine to get the finished product.