The introduction of the disc granulator

The fertilizer granulator machine is a molding machine that can make a material into a specific shape. Fertilizer production is generally divided into: wet organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator, flat die extrusion granulator, drum granulator, counter roller extrusion granulator.
The rotary drum granulator will be added to the drum granulator according to the formula and the uniform raw materials,and the steam granulation process can be carried out at the same time,and the chemical fertilizer granulation process can be completed in the rotation of the drum.The cold water granulation of compound fertilizer for supplementing water and humidification is a relatively advanced compound fertilizer granulation equipment.
The main features of the drum granulator:the steam is used to increase the temperature of the material during granulation to meet the liquid required for granulation.The phase can greatly reduce the water content of the material during granulation,reduce the load of the dryer and increase the output of the whole machine.
The rotary drum granulator always be equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process which is designed for producing the compound fertilizer granulator.What's more,sometimes it also can be equipped in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process to make organic fertilizer granulator for some different raw material.
The rotary drum granulator machine is just a kind of fertilizer granulator machine is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer granulator,what's more,the disc granulator machine is also can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer granulator.