About the organic fertilizer manufacturing process

 Different fertilizer manufacturing process can be used to produce different type fertilizer granulator.For example,the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is designed for producng the organic fertilizer granulator.But in the line what fertilizer machines are included?
In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it mainly include the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine and fertilizer granulator machine.As a whole the fertilizer production of the organic fertilizer granulator can be divided into three parts that the fermentation,mixing,and granulating.Different parts using the different fertilizer machine type.
Prducing the organic fertilizer granulator,we are first to use the fermentation compost turner machine tu ferment the raw material and then mixing the raw material using the horizontal mixer machine.Befor mixing the raw material,we need to crush the raw material firstly.And then using the new type organic fertilizer granulator,which is a kind of fertilizer granulator machine used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator, to make organic fertilizer granulator.When producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we need to notice that the using of producing the raw material.Because the organic fertilizer granulator have the requirement of the moisture and temperature,so,after granulating,we need to drying the water of the fertilizer granulator using the drum dryer and using the cooler machine to cool the temperature.