How to development of the bio fertilizer granulator?

 The bio organic fertilizer granulator is also a new kind of organic fertilizer granulator,and the bio organic fertilizer granulator is widely used in all over the world.But how it development of the bio organic fertilizer granulator in  furture?What improvement of the bio fertilizer production in the furture?It needs to be disscussed.
The furture direction of bio organic fertilizer granulator:With the continuous development of bio organic fertilizer granulator,it has begun to play a role in agricultural production and has created certain economic benefits.Further research should be conducted on its production techniques and research.
Conversion from a single strain to a composite strain: In this transformation process, one is to pursue the application of a multi-functional, combined bacterial bio-fertilizer, so that one or several properties of the strain can be further improved from the original level to avoid compounding or The joint flora interacts with each other and exerts mutual reciprocity and synergy. The second is to prolong the survival time of microorganisms in the soil and continuously extend the fertilizer efficiency period. Therefore, substances capable of decomposing carbonaceous compounds can be added to the biological fertilizer to prolong the survival time of the microorganisms in the soil.
It is transformed from a simple biological agent to a composite biological fertilizer: it is converted from a simple microbial agent to a bio-fertilizer of a biological microbial agent, a nutrient element, an organic fertilizer or the like. This transformation can achieve the combination of biological fertilizers and pharmaceuticals, and enhance the multifunctional function of fertilizers.What's more,the fertilizer granulator machine are also some convert,and on the base of thee new type organic fertilizer granulator machine,the fertilizer machine manufacturers designed the two in one organic fertilizer granulator,which also can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.It is a new improvement for producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator.
The fertilizer manufacturing process are continuously development and the new fertilizer granulator machine are also designed for producing high quality fertilizer granulator,so whatever the bio organic fertilizer granulator or the compound fertilizer granulator,they are continuously development.