NPK fertilizer production

 The npk fertilizer production is designed for producing the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.The fertilizer machines equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process is developed continuously.In the fertilizer production line,the fertilizer granulator machine are the most important fertilizer machine.Because different type fertilizer granulator machine are designed for producing different fertilizer granulator.And other fertilizer machines are also designed for being suitable for producing organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer granulator.
In the npk fertilizer production,it is mainly equipped with horizontal mixer machine,rotary drum granulator and half wet material crusher machine and other fertilizer machines.
The npk fertilizer production is designed for simple to operate compared to the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.Because the raw material of producing the compound fertilizer granulator don't need to be fermented the raw material using the fermentation compost turner machine.The npk fertilizer is a kind of single fertilizer,and sometimes it is more suitable for being used as the base fertilizer.Sometimes,overly using the chemical will also damage the soil and the farming plants,so if we choose to use the chemical fertilizer with the organic fertilizer granulator will produce more better effect.