Bio fertilizer type

The bio fertilizer granulator is a kind of organic fertilizer granulator,and the bio fertilizer production technology is designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers for producing the high quality organic fertilizer granulator and the bio fertilizer granulator can be divided into different fertilizer type.The bio fertilizer granulator can be used in many industries. Excessive application of chemical fertilizers will reduce fertilizer utilization.In recent years,the bio fertilizer is produced can be used with the chemical fertilizer.Excessive application of the chemical fertilizers will reduce fertilizer utilization.
As a new type of organic fertilizer,bio -organic fertilizer has achieved good results in agricultural production in recent years.The application of bio organic fertilizer can not only improve soil physical and chemical properties,improve soil basic soil fertility,and enhance soil microbio organic fertilizer,it not only improve soil microbes.Activity,increase and optimitize crop yield and quality and reduce the amount of inorganic fertilizer applied.
Classification of bio organic fertilizer:bio organic fertilizer is a new type of microbial fertilizer developed by bio-fermentation engineering technology.It refers to specific functional microorganisms and mainly animal and plant residues,such as livestock manure,crops.straw,etc.The source is a new type of fertilizer that is harmless,polution-free and suitable for the development of green foods,which is compounded by decomposing and decommposed organic materials.In the bio fertilizer production,the fertilizer machines are designed are easy to operate and the production is also high efficient.If the bio fertilizer made into fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is  a factor fertilizer equipment in the fertilizer manufacturing process.
Classified according to the type and function of microorganisms contained in bio-organic fertilizers:The classification methods of bio-organic fertilizers are diverse,and they are classified according to the types and functions of microorganisms involved:
(1)single-function bio organic fertilizers,which is bio orgnaic fertilizers that can be used in agricultural production to obtain specific fertilizer effects,which can be improved.The ability of soil fertility mainly includes nitrogen-fixing bacteria fertilizer and phosphorus-dissolving bacteria fertilizer.
(2)Multi-functional bio organic fertilizer which is bio organic fertilizer containing two or more functional microorganisms,is more comprehensive than single-function bio organic fertilizer.
(3)Bio organic fertilizer having anti-pathogenic effect,which is bio organc fertilizer prepared by adding antibacterial fermentation or using it in combination with functional microbial inoculant.
According to different classification of organic matter carries added to bio organic fertilizer:According to different types of organic carriers, bio-organic fertilizers are mainly divided into straw organic fertilizers, livestock manure organic fertilizers, humic acid organic fertilizers, slag organic fertilizers, domestic garbage, and sludge organic fertilizers. Commonly used are, for example, straw bio-organic fertilizer, cow dung-type bio-organic fertilizer, and trough bio-organic fertilizer.
Different type bio organic fertilizer using the same fertilizer manufacturing process,the differences of the different type bio organic fertilizer is the fertilizer machines type are equipped in the bio fertilizer production.Such as the chain crusher was equipped with in the fertilizer production line when producing the straw bio organic fertilizer.