50000 Tons organic fertilizer manufacturing process

The large scale fertilizer granulator are produced by the fertilizer machine which designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers.And 50000 tons per day of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is designed to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.So in the fertilizer manufacturing process,what fertilizer machines are included ? In this article,we will introduce the fertilizer manufacturing process for you to produce the large scale fertilizer granulator.
Firstly,produce the orgnic fertilizer need to build a ferment pool to ferment the raw material  for sometime and during the process,using the compost turning machine to turn the raw material continuously in order to make the fermented raw material uniformly fermented.Then put them into the forlift silo using the belt conveyor to conveyor the raw material into the double shaft mixer machine to mix them.Then double shaft mixer machine is designed for the large scale producing.After miixing the raw material put them into the fertilizer granulator machine which the new type two in one organic fertilizer granulator are equipped with in the organic fertilizer manufacturer process.Due to the requirement of the organic fertilizer granulator moisture,in the production it is neccesary for the control of the moisture in the fertilizer granulator.Using the drum dryer can dry the water to 20%,and after dryiing,the temperature is so high that we need to use the drum cooler machine to cool the temperature to the requirement of the organic fertilizer granulator.Next using the drum screener machine to screen the fertilizer granulator in order to separate the quality size fertilizer granulator from the inquality fertilizer granulator and put the inquality fertilizer granulator intot the chain crusher machine to be crushed and granulated again.Anf the quality fertilizer granulator are put into the packing machine to be packed.There are a kind of  need to be noticed that in the large scale fertilizer manufacturing process,two fertilizer screener machine are always equipped and three output in the drum screener machine.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,there are also many fertilizer process details need to be noticed.Compared witheth the npk  fertilizer production or the fertilizer powder production,the organic fertilizer production a little complex,except the bio fertilizer production.The bio fertilizer production is a little simple compared witht the organic fertilizer production.It is designed for producing the bio fertilizer granulator specially.