How to choose the bio fertilizer granulator machine?

The bio fertilizer production is a new designed fertilizer manufacturing process method and the production method is easy to be usderstood compared with the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.But it is a factor problem that how to chooes the fertilizer granulatorr technolgy to make bio fertilizer granulator.The bio fertilizer granulator is also a kind of organic fertilizer granulator and the fertilizer granulator machine  used in the bio fertilizer production line are same as the organic fertilizer producing. The technology of producing the bio fertilizer granulator can be divided into all types according to the different fertilizer granulator machine types.
At pressent,the common technology of  producing the bio fertilizer granulator have two types that  disc granulator and the roller press granulator depending on the fertilizer granulator machine.Because of different granulation methods,the requirements for raw materials are different,so there are differences in the production process of bio organic fertilizers.
Disc granulation process:The disc mixing granulation process is relatively simple.After the raw material  is dried to remove a certain amount of water(when it is dried,the raw material is sterilized),it is crushed,and then a certain amount of acid and alkali is added.After adjusting the carrier,it is uniformly mixed with the inorganic fertilizer part,and sent to disc granulator.A certain amount of the microbial agent is sprayed in the granulation process and the granulated product is dried at a low temperature,and the finished product can be obtained after sieving.
After the mixing and granulation process:the raw material is dried to a water content of less than 10%,and then crushed by a fertilizer crusher,and then mixed with an acid-base regulator,an inorganic fertilizer and a microbial and then sent to the roller press granulator to make fertilizer granulator.Using the fertilizer screener machine to separate the quality fertilizer granulator from the inquality fertilizer granulator.