Differences of the bio fertilizer and and compound fertilizer

The fertilizer manufacturing process developed more mature,and the fertilizer granulator of chemical and organic are made.The npk fertilizer production is designed for producing the chemical fertilizer granulator.In the fertilizer making process,the fertilizer granulator machine are important.Because different fertilizer type are suitable for different fertilizer granulator the rotary drum granulator is equipped with in the compound fertilizer production line.And the new type organic fertilizer granulator is equipped in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.In previous articles,we discuessed the differences of the compound fertilizer granulator from the organic fertilizer granulator,So what differences of the bio fertilizer granulator from the npk fertilizer granulator?
Firstly,the big difference is the producess.The npk fertilizer production is easier to operate compared to the bio fertilizer production.In the producess,the main fertilizer machine is the using of the fertilizer granulator machine.Bio fertilizer granulator is a kind of orgnaic fertilizer granulator and it can be used to produce by the new type organic fertilizer granulator or you also can choose the flat die granulator.While the npk fertilizer granulator is a kind of chemical fertilizer and the rotary drum granulator machine is designed by the fertilizer machine manufactures to produce it.What's more,producing the compound fertilizer granulator,we also can use the disc or roller press granulator.
Then the difference of the compound fertilizer from the bio fertilizer granulator is that the influence for the soil.The organic fertilizers contain a large amount of organic matter and have obvious effects of improving soil and fertilization;chemical fertilizers can only provide inorganic nutrients for crops,and long-term application will have adverse effects on the soil,making the soil more and more sturdy.Organic fertilizers contain a variety of nutrients and the nutrients contained in them are comprehensive balanced;while fertilizers contain a single nutrient type,long term application is likely to cause nutrient imbalance in soil and food.Organic fertilizers have low nutrient content and require a large amount of application,while chemical fertilizers have high nutrient content and low application rate.The organic fertilizer has a long effect on fertilizer;the fertilizer has a short and fierce effect,which is easy to cause nutrient loss and pollute the environment.Besides these advantages,the organic fertilizers are derived from nature and there is no chemical synthetic substance in the fertilizer.Long-term application can improve the quality of agricultural products;chemical fertilizers are pire synthetic materials,and improper application can reduce the quality of agricultural products.
All in all,although the compound fertilizer granulator have some disadvantages there,but ifd just only using the organic fertilizer granulator,it also will produce the bad effect on the soil.So combined the organic fertilizer granulator with the compound fertilizer granulator will be better.
The different fertilizer granulator type produced and the fertilizer production technology  also will be designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers.