The effect of organic fertilizer

 The organic fertilizer is a type of fertilizer in which natural organic matter is decomposed or fermented by microorganisms.It also known as farmyard manure.The organic fertilizer manufacturing process is also designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers for producing high  quality organic fertilizer granulator.The characteristics are wide source of raw materials,large quantity;its full nutrients,low concent and long-lasting fertilizer effect,which must be absorbed by plants after being decomposed and transformed by microorganisms.Commonly used natural fertilizer varieties are green manure,human excrement, manure,compost manure,biogas fertilizer and waste fertilizer.Organic fertilizers are rich in organic matter and nutrients needede for crop growth.They not only provide the nutrients needed for crop growth,improve soil,but also improve crop quality,increase crop yield,promote high yield and stability of crops,maintain soil fertility and increase fertilizer.
The fertilizer manufacturing processs developed more and more mature and the organic fertilizer granulator is widely used widely.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,the fertilizer granulator machine is a main fertilizer machine to make the fertilizer into granulator.The flat die granulator machine and new type organic fertilizer granulator are used in the organic fertilizer production process,and other fertilizer granulator machines like the disc granulator,rotary drum granulator and roller press granulator machine usually can be used to produce the compound fertilizer granulator.The organic fertilzer granulator is not only can have many advantages it also utilization,reducing production costs.Adquate and rational use of orgnaic fertilizers can increase crop yield,improve the quality of agricultural products,and improve the availability of soil nutrients.
What's more besides the organic fertilizer production line can be used to produce the organic fertilizer ganulator,the bio fertilizer production is also designed for producing the bio fertilizer granulator.
Although the organic fertilizer can be used in many plants ,it need to use moderately,and if the organic fertilizer granulator can be matached with the compound fertilizer granulator,it will produce more good effect.