Technological process of sludge organic fertilizer production line

Sludge can be made into organic fertilizer by using the organic fertilizer technological.How to do it by using the organic fertilizer production line?The water content of sludge is as high as 80%,but the sludge usually contains nutrients such as nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and other microelements necessary for plant growth,as well as humus(soil amendment),which are the main componments of sludge.The fertilizer manufacturing process of a complete sludge organic fertilizer is as follows.
organic fertilizer production line
1.Sludge dewatering and fermenation.The sludge with high water content is sent to the dehydrator by water pump to reduce the water content of the sludge to 50%-60%.Then,the fermentation bacteria are added for aerobic fermentation to kill the pathogens,parasite eggs and weed seeds in the sludge,so as to make the sludge deodrization reach the harmless health standard.
2.Crushing and mixing of sludge.The qualified sludge,straw powder and trace nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium are mixer in the mixer of the transportation equipment until the water content  reaches 35%-38%,which is convenient for granulation.
3.Granulating of sludge organic fertilizer.The mixed materials are sent to the new organic fertilizer granulator which we can choose the disc granulator or the rotary drum granulator machine that this type granulator machine also can be used in npk fertilizer manufacturing process to make the npk,compound fertilizer granulator,and the mechanical mixing force of the organic fertilizer granulator is used to make the materials continuously granulating and spheroidizing in the instant,so as to achieve the purpose of granulation.
4.Dry and cool the materials.The granulated sludge organic fertilizer particles have large water content and can not be stored well.It needs to be dried and strengthened by the organic fertilizer dryer and cooler to make it more convenient for transportation and storage.
5.Finally,screen the materials.Our company recommonds the use of drum screening machine,which can separate the finished productss from the returned materials,sene the finshed products directly to the automatic packaging machine for packing,and send the unqualified materials from the sun to the organic fertilizer granulator for granulation.The product classification is realized,and the finished products are evenly classified.
Designing  a complete organic fertilizer production line to make organic fertilizer granulator using the automatic or semi-automatic fertilizer equipment in the complete fertilizer manufacturing process,it not only improve the working efficient,it also improve the usage rate of the raw materials.