How to produce high yield bioorganic fertilizer in sludge organic fertilizer production line?

In last article,we have introduced that how to design a organic fertilizer production line to you.Today,in this article,we will share another plan-how to produce high yield bio organic fertilizer in the sludge organic fertilizer production line.
A complete sludge organic fertilizer production line consists of dehydration equipment-fermentation equipment-mixing equipment-granulation equipment-drying equipment-cooling equiipment--screening equipment-packaging equipment.These fertilizer equipment are used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.When many customers purchase the sludge  organic fertilizer production line,considering the problem of funds,they will choose the low-cost organic fertilizer equipment to form a complete sludge organic fertilizer production line.If they need to increase the output,they need to add a new organic fertilizer production line or increase the equipment model to achieve the purpose.Then which equipment in the sludge organic fertilizer production line is the most suitable and can increase the output.What about the key equipment?
biofertilizer production
1.Sludge fermentation equipment.Sludge has high moisture content and large volume,so it is suiable for multi tank fermentation at the same time.The tank type tripper is a multi tank fermentation tripper, also called a transfer vehicle. The utility model comprises a walking fermentation tank body,a walking track,a power taking device,a turning pile part and a turning pile and a turning tank device.However,the screw type and chain plate type reactors are not suitable for sludge fermentation due to their fast development.
2.Sludge organic fertilizer granulator.After the sludge is added into the auxiliary material for mixing,it will be sent to the granulation equipment.Due to the large moisture content of the material,our company recommends the use of a new compound fertilizer granulator for granulation of sludge organic fertilizer.Theis new compound fertilizer granulator belongs to the internal and external rotary agitator granulator,which has high granulation rate of materials,and the body is soild and durable,which can effectively prevent the corrosion of sludge.
These fertilizer equipment not only can be used in organic fertilizer production line to make the organic fertilizer,it also can be used in the biofertilizer production line to make the bio organic fertilizer.Improving the yield of the sludge organic fertilizer besides the two ethod,we also can use the biofertilizer production line to produce the bio organic fertilizer  directly,which in this fertilizer production line,it is equipped with the fertilizer equipment are suitable for the bio fertilizer production.