Special mixing equipment for organic fertilizer production line

 In  a complete organic fertilizer production line,the organic fertilizer machine series to be designed for producing the organic fertilizer.There we share the specifical mixing equipment for organic fertilizer production line---double axis mixer machine.In the process of pretreatment,organic fertilizer is often prepared by soild-liquid separation equipment,grinding equipment or stirring equipment to meet the fermentation requirements of fermentation raw materials,and then fermented in the fermentation  equipment.
At present,there are three kinds of common fermentation methods:stacker,trough and tower.Among them,the strip and tank type fermentation takes a long time,covers a large area,has poor production environment,and it has low automation,so it is necessary to use the stacker to regularly dump materials;the tower type fermentation occupies the smallest area and has the highest efficiency,but the fermentation cycle still needs to last for one week,and the equipment cost and equipment maintenance cost are the highest.In recent years,advanced technology and equipment have been used to sterize materials in the high-temperature section and add bacteria in the low-temperature section by heating,so as to decompost organic waste into organic fertilizer in a short time with fast fermentation and no pollution.
fertilizer equipment
Based on the equipment of organic fertilizer manufacturing process,Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology designed a double shaft mixer machine  for organic fertilizer production.The material filling degree of the multi-stage organic fertilizer mixer can reflect the anti blocking performance to a great extent:on the one hand,with the increase of the material filling degree,the resistance of the mixing blades will increase during the transportation process,which will lead to the increase of the extrusion pressure between the materials and the blocking pronlem easily;on the other hand,in the material transportation process,with the increase of the transportation distance,the extrusion between the materials will increase.The pressure will increase gradually,which will easily lead to the accumulation of some materials in the conveying section and increase the filling degree,thus causing the risk of plugging.It shows that the crowding degree of materials in different positions of properties,and the filling degree required for transporting different materials is also different.For materials of the same nature,the higher the filling degree is, the more likely the problem of blocking materials will occur.
The designing and using of these fertilizer equipment in organic fertilizer production line not only improve the working efficient,it also improve the usage rate of the raw materials.