Is it good to produce compound fertilizer with roller press granulator

Roller press granulator is a very important granulating equipment in the industrial field, which plays a very important role in promoting the development of compound fertilizer production. In the production of compound fertilizer, the roller extrusion granulator has many advantages and has been widely used.
Process flow of producing compound fertilizer by roller press granulator
The process of compound fertilizer production by double roller press granulator is that the raw material powder of compound fertilizer is fed into the feeding port of granulator, the material is compacted by the relative rotating roller, and then broken by the crushing roller to form particles with different particle sizes. These particles are eventually extruded through a sieve plate with mesh holes.
roller press granulator

Technology for producing compound fertilizer by roll press granulator
Double roller press granulator adopts dry rolling granulation process to process dry powder compound fertilizer raw materials into granular fertilizer. The rollers of different specifications can press compound fertilizer granules of different sizes. The double roller press granulator has the characteristics of simple process, reasonable configuration, convenient operation and relatively low energy consumption.

Operation and maintenance of compound fertilizer produced by double roller press granulator
1 After continuous operation of a pair of rolls extrusion granulator, the temperature of the rolling mill bearing, the crushing roller, etc. may increase, but it is normal at 70 °C or less.

2 Pressure roller roll, granulator sieve plate, etc. are vulnerable parts. When problems are found, the machine should be stopped and replaced in time.

3. The hard foreign bodies should not be allowed to enter the working parts of the granulator in order to avoid damaging the machine.