Compound Fertilizer Production Principle for Roller Press Granulator

The double roller press granulator is a dry granulating equipment, which makes the material agglomerate by means of the mechanical pressure of two rollers. In fertilizer industry, the roller press granulator production line is widely used.

Function Principle of Double Roller Press Granulator
The compound fertilizer material is fed into a pair of counter-rotating roll nips, and under the extrusion of the rolls, the fertilizer is squeezed to form a dense sheet. After the sheet is crushed, it is screened by the roller press granulator fertilizer production line to obtain a granulated product having a desired particle size.
roller press granulatorpellet of roller press granulator

Compound Fertilizer Extrusion Process for Roller Press Granulator
After the compound fertilizer raw material is pressed by the roller, the particles are rearranged to remove the air between the particles and the voids in the material are removed. 
When the material is subjected to further pressure, on the one hand, some particles break up, filling the remaining voids, on the other hand, the particles will deform and flow, resulting in strong van der Waals pressure. The two effects are produced at the same time. Different composite fertilizer raw materials, the granulator has different extrusion effects, and the material is forced to form differently. During the final process of granulator extrusion, the particles of the material may also form a solid bridge. The energy supplied to the system in the form of pressure generates heat at the point of contact of the particles of the material, causing the material to melt. When the temperature of the material drops, a solid bridge is formed.

Superiority of Producing Compound Fertilizer by Roller Press Granulator
Compared with the traditional granulation method, the roller press granulator has the advantages of low energy consumption, strong adaptability, low cost of compound fertilizer processing and low investment in granulator equipment. Roll extrusion granulator is beneficial to the granulation of heat sensitive materials. In the production of compound fertilizer, it is beneficial to add other nutrients, pesticides and other substances in the fertilizer to realize the nutrition and function of the compound fertilizer.