How to adjust the ring die granulator in organic fertilizer production

The ring die granulator has a good compacting effect on organic fertilizer granulation. Whether the working gap between the mould and the roller of the ring die granulator is reasonable or not affects the quality of organic fertilizer production granulation. Next, we discuss some techniques of adjusting the ring die granulator in the production and use of organic fertilizer.

We can adjust the clearance between the ring die and the pressing roll of the ring die granulator, and make the pressing roll reach the state of quasi-rotating and non-rotating at the same time of rotating the ring die. The method of adjusting the gap between ring die and pressing roll is that after the new die of ring die granulator is installed, the adjusting bolt of pressing roll is loosened and the pressing roll is adjusted to the state that the outer surface of the pressing roll is close to the inner surface of the ring die, and the eccentric axis of the pressing roll is adjusted in turn to make the gap between the pressing roll and the ring die appropriate. Tighten the adjusting bolt, pull the ring die, and gradually adjust the clearance, so that the roller can reach the working state of non-rotating, and finally tighten and store the adjusting bolt.
ring die granulator for organic fertilizer production

In the production of organic fertilizer by ring-die granulator, when the new die of ring-die granulator is installed, the gap between ring-die and pressing roll is usually larger than that needed for work, which is beneficial to the smooth transition between the new ring-die and the old roll. After the running-in period between the new die and the old roll is completed, the gap can be adjusted to the gap needed for work. In the actual production and maintenance of organic fertilizer granulation and ring die granulator, the protection of ring die takes precedence over roller, because the price of ring die is more than ten times or even tens of times of roller price. In the case of selecting reasonable clearance, the hardness of roller can not be too high, because the wear resistance of roller can not be higher than that of ring die. In the production process, it is necessary to clean up the materials used in the ring die in time to avoid mixing the materials with hard particles such as massive sand, sand, iron block, bolts and iron chips. Because these inclusions accelerate the wear of the ring die, and a large number of hard impurities will cause the ring die to be subjected to multiple stresses, resulting in the fatigue of the ring die. When a certain stress exceeds the strength limit of the ring die, the ring die will appear explosive phenomenon.

Adjusting the state of ring die granulator can not only prolong the service life of granulator, reduce maintenance costs, but also greatly improve the production efficiency of organic fertilizer and increase revenue.