Professional Fertilizer Production Equipment Disc Granulator

Granulator is one of the most important fertilizer production equipment in fertilizer plant. Disc granulator is a common granulator for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production. The pelletizing quality of disc granulator is stable, the strength of pellets is good, and the qualified rate of pelletizing is high. It can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, mining, chemical industry and other departments.  

Disc granulator structure
The disc of the granulator is made of steel plate and is sleeved on a fixed spindle. The spindle of the granulator is higher than the disc body and can be fixed, or the scraper arm with different inclination angle can be changed with the disc. A scraper and two movable scrapers are fixed on the short arm to remove the pelletizing material adhering to the disc edge and the disc bottom. The tail end of the spindle is connected with the screw of the angle-adjusting mechanism. The angle-adjusting screw can make the spindle and the disc swing up and down in a certain range to meet the need of adjusting the obliquity of the ball-making disc.  

Working principle of disc granulator
When the disc granulator is running, the spherical particles roll down along the bottom of the disc, and the powder materials are distributed on the disc. Numerous small pellets are constantly reunited to form the prescribed size. The disc granulator can make the material move regularly, and make the larger and smaller particles run along their respective tracks. Therefore, according to the size classification, the discharged spheres are qualified in size.
disc granulator

Cautions for the production operation of disc granulator
Disc granulator is a kind of reliable equipment, which is not easy to cause accidents. The main failure in the production of disc pelletizer is the damage of vertical shaft bearing, which is the most stressed component of disc pelletizer. Vertical shaft bearings can be divided into upper and lower bearings. Generally speaking, lower bearings are more easily damaged than upper bearings. The cause of bearing damage is usually caused by poor lubrication. The common phenomenon is that when the granulator is running, the disc sways badly and there is serious noise. If this situation is found, it should be checked in time to lubricate the granulator with oil.

Using disc granulator to produce fertilizer has the advantages of less investment, large output, simple process and intuitive operation. The granulation of fertilizer produced by disc granulator is uniform and easy to master. The granulator has the function of automatic grading, and the cycle load is less than 5%. The fertilizer granulation by disc production have good economic and social benefits.