Professional roller press granulator for bio organic fertilizer

The roller press granulator machine adopts high-quality anti-corrosion wear-resistant materials,which can be pressed into pillow shape,semicircle shape,rod shape,pill shape,walnut shape,flat ball shape and square bar according to your needs.
The counter roller press granulator is not only suitable for the granulation of organic fertilizer which it is equipped in the organic fertilizer production line,and compound fertilizer,but also can be widely used in the granulation of raw materials such as medicine,chemical industry,feed etc.It has simple operation and no discharge of three wastes,which fully responds to the national policy of green environmental protection,zero discharge and zero pollution.These machine to be used in the fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the production process can improve the working efficient,it also can improve the usage rate of the raw materials.
The working process of the roller pres granulator production line around:Firstly,we need to use the fermenting technology to ferment the raw materials for sometime,and then using the fertilizer mixer machine and fertilizer crusher machine to deal with the raw materials.When need to make fertilizer into granulator,we use the fertilizer granulator machine which choosing the suitable fertilizer equipment to make the granulator.Finally using the drum screener machine and fertilizer dryer machine to deal with the granular,and then using the packing machine to pack them.
fertilizer manufacturing process
The roller press granulator is also one of the organic fertilizer equipment that our company has made many inquiries recently.Its price is affordable.According to different models and prices,the putput is not lower than other organic fertilizer granulators,as high as 1-5 tons/hour.As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer,we are not only designed these machine are to be equipped in organic fertilizer production line,we also designed some equipment to be equipped in npk fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the npk,compound fertilizer process.