Small scale production line of chicken manure disc granulation organic fertilizer

 Producing organic fertilizer using the fertilizer equipment which it is equipped in a complete fertilizer production lind.The raw material can be the chicken manure or cow manure and so on.We designed all types of fertilizer production line according to different type raw materials.
The disc granulating organic fertilizer production line has the advantages of low price,high cost performance and simple operation,which is especially suitable for the granulation of chicken manure organic fertilizer.There,we will introduce the technological process of small-scale chicken manure disc granulation organic fertilizer production line.
1.For the composting of small-scale chicken manure organic fertilizer producton line,it is often unnecessary to occupy too large a site and the walking dumper can be used for dumping and fermentation.A major technological breajthrough of the machine is to intergrate the crushing function of the material in the later stage of fermentation.With the gradual dehydration of materials,the cutter shaft equipped with crushing device can effectively crush the plates formed in the fermentation process of fertilizer,which not only saves a crusher,but also greatly improves the crushiing efficiency,reduces the cost,and fundamentally solves the problem that the production capacity is subject to the crushing mechanism.
2.Add the fermented materials into the disc granulator for granulation.The whole circular are structure is adopted for the angle of the small disk chicken manure granulator.During the production process,a proper amount of water is added to make the materials collide and form particles,and the granulation rate can reach over 93%.The disc granulator is equipped with three discharge outlets,which is convenient for intermittent production,greatly reducing intensity and improving labor efficiency.
3.The moisture and strength of the material after granulation are not up to the standard,so it needs to be dried.The rotary chicken  manure dryer makes full use of the function of the board to make the material fully contact with the hot air generated by the hot blast furnace,so as to achieve the effect of drying the material and improving the strength.
4.The dried and cooled materials are transported to the screening equipment through the belt conveyor to screen the granular organic fertilizer and the fine powder organic fertilizer.The fine powder organic fertilizer can be sent to the disc granulator through the return belt for new granulation,hus forming a complete production cycle.
5.Finally,send the qualified organic fertilizer to the automatic packaging machine for packaging.The general fertilizer manufacturing process around these process and it needs these fertilizer equipment to finish the complete production process.
organic fertilizer production line
A complete set of small-scale chicken manure organic fertilizer production line process is the above-mentationed samll-scale weaving and finishing process.The disc granulating organic fertilizer production line is suitable for the organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of less than 10000 tons.If you want to know more about the process of organic fertilizer equipment,please contact us,we are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer,we also designed the biofertilizer production line to make the bio organic fertilizer.