Half wet matrial crusher machine in biofertilizer production

 In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with different type fertilizer equipment,it is included the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine,fertilizer granulator machine and so on.The half wet materials crusher machine is designed and equippped in biofertilizer production line to deal with the raw materials.
In recent years,bio organic fertilizer equipment has come into people's eyes,and mechanized organic fertilizer equipment has gradually replaced the artificial production of organic fertilizer.The half wet material crusher machine is the main equipment in the bio organic fertilizer equipment.
The traditional crusher machine is easy to block when it meets the materials with high humidity.If the material is added with high fiber auxiliary materials such as straw,it is more likely to be stuck,which seriously affects the production.
The half wet materials crusher machine produced by our company is a new type of high efficiency single rotor reversible crusher.It overcomes the problems of the traditional crusher,such as material sticking and wall sticking.It adopts two-way gap adjustment technology,so it can be used continuously without changing the worn hammer head and adjusting the position of the hammer piece.
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Half wet material crusher is mostly used in the production and processing of organic fertilizer,which has a good effect on grinding chicken manure,humic acid and other raw materials.Half wet material crusher can also grind hard materials such as glass,ceramics,bricks and crushed stones in municipal soild waste.The half wet material crusher machine play an important role in the biofertilizer production process.