Principle of rational use of organic fertilizer

Producing the organic fertilizer granulator using the organic fertilizer manufacturing process technology, making the organic fertilizer granulator can be roduced higher yield and higher efficient in order to make the organic fertilizer granulator can make the granulator meet the needs of the organic fertilizer market.But what principle of the rational use of organic fertilizer ?
The principle of rational use of the organic fertilizer:
According to the soil properties,the law of crop fertilizer,demand,fertilizer effect and the characteristics of organic fertilizer varieties,the organic fertilizer can be used effectivity,reasonably,safely and economically to improve the yield and quality of crops,fertilizer the soil and protect the ecological environment.

1.Long term application of organic fertilizer,fully tap the organic fertilizer resources,adhere to long-term application,maintain and improve the soil fertility.
2.Organic and inorganic combination.Organic fertilizers is low in nutrient content and slow in release.It should be used in combination with inorganic quick acting fertilizer to make full use of its function,meet the needs of crop growth  and realize the combination of land use and land cultivation.
3.Improve the quality of organic fertilizer.Generally,organic materials should be fully decomposed to improve fertilizer efficiency.In the process of storage,preservation and application,the loss of fertilizer nutrients,especially nitrogen nutrients,should be prevented.
4.Strengthen harmless treatment.In the process of organic fertilizer accumulation,it is required to throughly kill the pathogenic bacteria,parasite eggs,weeds and seeds that are harmful to crops,livestock and human body,remove the impurties such as films,strictly control the content of heavy metals,antibiotics,pesticide residues and other harmful substances and ensure the safe production of agricultural products.
Producing the organic fertilizer or inorganic fertilizer granulator all can use the fertilizer manufacturing technology because different type fertilizer machines and fertilizer production lines are designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers,when we use the organic fertilizer granulator and the inorganic fertilizer granulator,which can be produced by the npk fertilizer production line,we can just use the fertilizer machines to make the granulator.Because using the fertilizer machines not only can improve the working efficient,it also can save more labor cost.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process

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