Organic fertilizer manufacturing process plant

We have shared more about the advantages,raw materials of producing the organic fertilizer ganulator using the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,so how to produce the organic fertilizer granulator?What it is the organic fertilizer production process?In this process,we shared more about the fertilizer production line to make the organic fertilizer granulator.
1.Raw material fermentation:
Organic compost fermentation turner is used for fermenting and composting organic waste,such as animals&fowls manure,,sludge waste,sugar filter mud,oil seed residues and straw etc.Materials can be mixed and fermented in the through for 7-10 days.Temperature should be in 60-70 temperature and moisture content should be between 40-50%.
2.Raw materials Mixing:
Fermented materials are mixed evenly together in horizontal mixer to improve fertilizer nutrient distribution uniformity and the greatest fertilizer nutrient use efficiency,which is also helpful for further granulating.The horizontal mixer machine is also suitable for feed,concentrated feed and additive premix mixing.

3.Materials granulation:
Evenly-mixed raw materials are transported into organic fertilizer  granulator machine organic fertilizer pan /disc granulator machine fo r pelletizing.The granules shape of organic fertilizer granulated by fertilizer pellet mill is round ball shape.Usually,a fertilizer polishing machine ,which is designed based on flat die extrusion granulator,is used to polish the granules into ball shape with easy operation.
4.Organic fertilizer drying&cooling for organic fertilizer manufacturing process:
The aim of drying process is to dry granules moisture,to increase fertilizer strength,convenient to store.After drying,the granules temperature is 60-80 temperature.Due to too much heat,caking of fertilizer granules is easy to occur,so they need to be cooled in rotary drum cooler to decrease the temperature.After cooling,the granules temperature is 20-40 easier to storage and transporation.
5.Organic fertilizer grading&coating&packing process for organic fertilizer production line
Unqualified fertilizers are screened out to re-granulate,while qualified ones are coated to increase the brightness and roundness of finished products,and then packaged for further storage.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
Different type fertilizer production line is designed for producing the suitable fertilizer granulator,like the npk fertilizer production line is used to make the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.Using the semi-automatic fertilizer machines or fertilizer production line to make the granulator not only improve the producing efficient,it also reduce the waste of the raw materials,because the inqualitified fertilizer granulator to be put into the chain crusher machine to be grinded and make fertilizer granualtor again.
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