The technology of organic fertilizer manufacturing process

How to make the organic fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturing process?In a complete fertilizer production line,what type fertilizer machines are equipped?There ,we will share with you about the organic fertilizer production line.Before producing the fertilizer granulator,we need to be first to know the raw materials of we use in the process of producing the organic fertilizer granulator.
Raw materials:Organic fertilizer production line or organic fetilizer production plant can use all organic waste,like animal manure,agriculture wastes,municipal waste,food waste,sewage sludge,industrial organic waste,etc,organic fertilizer manufacturing plant can produce organic fertilizer granules.
Capacity:1-50 ton/hour organic fertilizer manufacturing process:Application:organic fertilizer production equipment,small scale organic fertilizer production.Advantages:waste recycling,low investment,high return,easy operation,vast market potential.
Introduction& composition of organic fertilizer production line
Organic fertilizer production line or organic fertilizer production plant is mainly used for producing organic fertilizer granules.The raw materials for organic fertilizer manufacturing plant or organic fertilizer production equipment are all kinds of organic wastes,like animal manure(chicken manure,cow dung,pig manure,sheep manure),municipal sludge(MSW)food waste,agricultural waste(bean dregs,mushroom residue,palm oil waste,neemcake,vinasse draff stalk)sewage sludge,industrial organic waste etc.
You can make full use of organic waste to produce both powdered organic fertilizer or organic fertilizer granules and organic fertilzier pellet.The capacity of organic fertilizer production line or organic fertilizer production plant ranges from 1 ton/hr to 50 ton/hr,from small to large capacity for your choice.
Our organic fertilizer production line or organic fertilizer production plant maninly includes:organic fertilizer mixer,organic fertilizer mixing granulator mahine or organic fertilizer granulator machine,fertilizer rotary dryer,fertilizer rotary drum coating machine,chain crusher,rotary screening machine,packaging machine,belt conveyor and other accessories.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
Advantages of organic fertilizer production line
1.This organic fertilizer production line or organic fertilizer plant is not suitable for producing organic fertilizer,but also bio organic fertilizer if function bacteria s added,and organic and inorganic fertilizer if nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium is added.
2.The size of organic fertilizer granules can be adjusted according to customer's need.There are various kinds of organic fertilizer granulator machine being provided in our factory,such as new type organic fertilizer mixing granulator,disc granulator,double roller press granulator and bio organic fertilizer spherical granules granulator etc.Customers can process different raw materials,such as animal manure waste,agricultural waste,fermented materials,etc.All those organic materials can be fermented and granulated into large-output organic fertilizer granules.
4.High automatic and high precision.The batching machine system and packing machine are controlled by PLC computer to realizw automation.
5.High quality:stable performance,easy to operate,highly automatic,long service life.As the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we have produced the fertilizer machie for many years,we are not only design and produce the fertilizer machines,we also design different fertilizer production line for different customers.And we have taken full consideration of user experience when designing and manufacturing fertilizer machines.

About the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,we share these informations,and about the organic fertilizer production process,we will share in next article.More fertilizer machines or fertilizer production lines problems you have,you can visit our website and leave a message for us,we will apply to you as soon as possible.Like we designed the npk fertilizer production line,bio fertilizer production line to make the bio organic fertilizer granulator,