How to build bio fertilizer production?

 Bio organic fertilizer production line or bio fertilizer production plant use bio fung/bacteria,all organic wastes,like animal manure,agriculture wastes,municipal waste,food waste,sewage sludge,industrial organic waste,bio oeganic fertilizer manufacturing plant is for producing bio organic fertilizer.So how about the bio fertilizer production plant?
Introduction & Composition of bio fertilizer production line manufacturer
Bio organic fertilizer production line or bio organic fertilizer production plant is mainly used for producing bio organic fertilizer granules.The raw materials for bio organic fertilizer equipment or bio organic fertilizer machine are all kinds of organic wastes,like animal manure(chicken manure,cow dung,pig manure,sheep manure),municipal sludge,food waste,agricultural waste(bean dregs,mushroom residue,palm oil waste,neemcake,vinasse draff,stalk),sewage sludge,industrial organic wastes,etc.
Buy organic fertilizer production line price
By mixing machine with the bio fungi or bio bacteria,you can make full use of the organic wastes to produce both powdered bio organic fertilizer or bio organic fertilizer granules and organic fertilizer pellet.The capacity of bio organic fertilizer production line or bio organic fertilizer production plant ranges from 1 ton/hr,from small to large capacity for your choice.
Our bio organic fertilizer manufacturing process or bio organic fertilizer plant mainly includes:organic fertilizer mixer,fertilizer granulator machine of making the organic fertilizer granulator.rotary drum dryer,fertilizer cooler,coating machine and rotary screening machine and other accessories.
bio fertilizer production line
Advantages of bio organic fertilizer production line supplier
1.This bio organic fertilizer production line price or bio organic fertilizer plant price is not only suitable for producing pure organic fertilizer,but also bio organic fertilizer if function bio bacteria/fungi is added;and npk fertilizer ,organic and inorganic fertilizer if nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium is added.
2.The size of organic fertilizer granules can be adjusted according to customer's need.There are various kinds of bio organic fertilzier granulator machine being provided in our factory,such as new type organic fertilizer granulator,disc granulator,double roller press granulator and bio organic fertilizer spherical granules etc.Customers can produce different shapes of granules using our fertilizer granulator machine.
3.Widely application.The organic fertilizer manufacturing process can process different raw materials,such as animal manure waste,agricultural waste,fermented materials,etc.All those organic materials can be fermented and granulated into large-oytput bio organic fertilizer granules.
4.Highly automatic and high precision.The batching machine system and packing machine are controlled by computer to realize automation.
5.High quality,stable performance,easy to operate,highly automatic,long severice liffe.We have taken full consideration of user experience when designing and manufacturing fertilizer machines.
Process of bio organic fertilizer production process

1.Raw material fermentation for bio organic fertilizer production line cost.Organic compost fermentation turner is used for fermenting and composting organic waste,such as animals&fowls manure,sludge waste,sugar filter mud,oil seed residues and straw etc.Materials can be mixed and fermented in the through for 7-10 days.Temperature should be in 60-70 and moisture content shpuld be between 40-50%.
2.Raw materials mixing machine for bio organic fertilizer production line cost.Fermented materials are mixed evenly together in fertilizer mixer to improve fertilizer nutrient distribution uniformity and the greast fertilizer nutrient use efficiency,which is also helpful further granulating.The horizontal mixer machine is also suitable for feed,concentrated feed and additive premix mixing.
3.Materials granulation for bio fertilizer production line cost
Evenly-mixed raw materials are transported into organic fertilizer granulator machine or organic fertilizer granulator machine for pelletizing.The granules shape of organic fertilizer granulated by fertilizer pellet mill is round ball shape.Usually,a fertilizer polishing machine,which is designed based on  flat die granulator machine,is used to polish the granules into ball shape with operation.
4.Organic fertilizer drying and cooling machine of bio organic fertilizer manufacturing process
 The aim of drying process is to dry granules moisture,to increase fertilizer strength,convenient to store.After drying,the granules temperature is 60--80.Due to too much heat,caking of fertilizer granules is easy to occur,so they need to be cooled in rotary drum cooler to decrease the temperature,after cooling,the granules temperature is 20-40,easier to storage and transportation.
5.Organic fertilizer grading or coating and packing process for bio organic fertilizer production line
Unqualified fertilizer are screened out to re-granulate,while qualified ones are coated with bio function fungi to increase the brightness and nutrition of finished products,and then packaged for further storage.
We are as the fertilizer machine manfuacturers,we are not only produce the fertilizer machines,we also design different type fertilizer production lines for different customers producing requirement.The bio organic fertilizer production line is designed for most producing requirement to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator.More production yield if you need,you can leave a message for us,we will supply some different model fertilizer machines for you.