Composting conditions

 We can use the composting fertilizer in farming industries.And we have known what it is the composting fertilizer,but what conditions of using the composting fertilizer?How to produce the composting fertilizer using the fertilizer manfuacturing process
Composting fertilizer:Composting fertilizer is made of crop straw,weeds,leaves,gren manure,peat,river mud,garbage and other wastes as the main raw materials,which are added to poultry manure and urine for accumulation or retaking.Under artifical control,under certain temperature,humidity,C/N ratio and ventilation conditions,the microbiological process of biodegradable organic matter biochemical transform   to stable humus is artificially promoted by the fermentation of bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi and other microorganisms widely distributed in nature, whoich is  the process of organic fertilizer ripening. After composting, the feces can effectively kill pathogens, parasite eggs and weed seeds in the feces, and prevent the occurrence of diseases, insects and weeds.
Composting conditions:
1.Moisture.The suitable moisture content of compost is 60%-70% of the weight of raw materials.That is to say,a little liquid extrusion is appropriate when the compost is held tightly by hand,and straw can be used to adjust it.During the heating stage,water sould not be excessive.During the high temperature stage,water consumption is more.It should be supplemented in time.During the cooling and post-ripening stage,more water should be needed to facilitate the accumulation of humus.
2.Ventilation.Maintaining adequate air is conducive to the reproduction and activity of aerobic microorganisms and the decomposition of organic matter.If aeration is excessive,aerobic microorganisms multiply too fast,organic matter is decomposed in large quantities,humus coefficient is low,and nitrogen loss is large.In the later stage,more gas-repellent conditions should be created to accelerate decomposition and generate high temperature.In the later stage,more gas-repellent conditions should be created to facilitate the formation of humus and reduce nutrient losses.The suitable ventilation can be adjusted by controlling the moisture content in the material,the degree of packing tightness,setting up ventilation ditches or air cylinders,and turning over stacks.
3.Size of composting materials.Because microorganisms usually move on the surface of organic particles,reducing particles size and increasing surface area will promote microbial activities and accelerate the composting speed.In addition,if raw materials are too fine,it will hinder the flow of air in the reactor layer and reduce the amount of oxygen available in the reactorr layer,which in turn will slow down the speed of microbial activities.In order to speed up the fermentation process,the size of compost raw materials should be reduced as much as possible under the premise of ensuring air permeability.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
The method of using the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer are easy to be used and the producing method of producing the organic fertilizer granulator and inorganic fertilizer granulator.Different type fertilizer production lines are designed for producing different type fertilizer granulator.For example,the bio fertilizer production line is designed for producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator and the organic fertilizer manfuacturing process are is used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator and so on.
We are as the fertilizer machine manfuacturers,we are not only produce the new fertilizer machines,we are also design the different fertilizer production line in order to make them can be suitable for different type raw material.