Main effects of microbial fertilizers

 Microbial fertilizers and the bio organic fertilizer granulator are the organic fertilizer granulator.But the effect of the bio organic fertilizer granulator with the microbical fetilizer have differences.Today,we share more effects about the microbical fertilizer.The bio fertilizer production is designed for producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator and the microbical fertilizer.Sometimes the raw materials are different.The main effects of microbial fertilizers:
1.Increase soil fertility:This is the main effect of microbial fertilizer.For example,various self-growing,combined and symbiotic nitrogen-fixing microbial fertilizers can increase the source of nitrogen in the soil;the application of various phosphorus-dissolving and potassium-dissolving microorganisms can decompose the insoluble phosphorus and potassium in the soil and absorb and utilize them by crops,thus improving the supply of nutrients in the soil environment where crops grow,at the same time increasing the content of organic matter in the soil and improving soil fertility.Many microorganisms can produce a large number of polysaccharides,which combined with plant mucus,mineral colloid and organic colloid,it can improve the soil aggregate structure,enhance the physical properties of the soil,protect the roots of crops from the invasion of pathogentic microorganisms and reduce the loss of soil particles.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
2.Manufacturing nutrition and assisting crops to absorb nutrition.Rhizobium fertilizer is one of the most important varieties of microbial fertilizer.Through biological nitrogen fixation,nitrogen in thee air is converted into ammonia,which is then converted into nitrogen compounds that can be absorbed and utilized by plants such as glutamine and glutamine acid.
3.Producing phytohormones to stimulate crop growth.Many microorganisms using microbial fertilizers can produce phytohormones,which can stimulate and regulate crop growth,make plants robust and improve nutritional status.
4.Biological control of harmful microorganisms.Due to the inoculation of microbial fertilizers in thee root of crops,microorganisms multiply in large quantities in the root of crops,as the dominant bacteria in the rhizosphere of crops,limiting the reproductive opportunties of other pathogenic microorganisms.At the same timee,some microorganisms also have antagonistic effects on pathogentic microorganisms,and play a role in reducing crop dieases.
5.Reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer.The application of microbial fertilizer can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer.In addition,compared with chemical fertilizer,microbial fertilizer production consumes less engery,costs are low and thee amount of microbial fertilizer is relatively small,which is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment.
Most of time we can use the microbical combined with the compound fertilizer which we can make the npk fertilizer granulator using the npk fertilizer production line.And we also can make the microbical fertilizer into granulator by the fertilizer granulator machine.
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