What it is the composting fertilizer?

The fertilizer type is different types,and different type fertilizer can be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing process.Different type fertilizer machines are designed for producing the different type fertilizer.The organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer is the common fertilizer.And today we share the composting fertilizer.What it is composting fertilizer?
Composting is made of crop straw,weeds,leaves,green manure,peat.River mud,garbage and other waste as the main raw materials,which added to polutry manure and urine for accumulation or retaking.Under artifical control,under certain temperature,humidity.C/N ratio and ventilation conditions,the microbiological process of bacteria,actinomycetes,fungi and other microorganisms widely distributed in nature,which is the process if organic fertilizer ripening.After composting,the feces can effectively kill pathogens,parasite eggs and weed seeds in the feces,and prevent the occurence of diseases,innsects and weeds.
npk fertilizer productionorganic fertilizer production line
Special fertilizer production line also can be designed for the composting fertilizer.Besides producing the composting fertilizer,how we can apply to the composting fertilizer?
The application of the compost:The compost after decomposition is rich in organic matter,narrow range of C/N ratio,stable fertilizer efficiency,long aftereffect and comprehensive nutrients,and it is an ideal organic fertilizer variety.In addition,high quality compost also contains vitamins,auxins and various trace elements.Long-term application of compost can improve soil fertility.Vegetable crops need fast fertilizer because of their short growth period,so they should be composted be decomposition.The application of compost is the same as that of manure.In order to improve soil structure and increase soil nutrients,basic fertilizer is usually applied in combination rate of compost is 1500-2500 kg per mu.
We are the fertilizer machine manfuacturers,and we are not only supply some information about the fertilizer machines or fertilizer production lines,we also supply some information about the fertilizer.Because when we know about the fertilizer market changes,we can design the newest fertilizer machines or fertilizer production lines for the new fertilizer.Such as the fertilizer granulator machine are designed for different raw material of the fertilizer.When the new fertilizer type appear,we can adjust our machines or design new fertilizer machine in order to make the fertilizer machines can be more suitable for the market.