The types of commerical fertilizer

 Commerical organic fertilizer can be divided into all types and when producing the organic fertilizer granulator we can use different fertilizer manufacturing process.The main types of commerical organic fertilizers:
At present,commerical organic fertilizers can be roughly divided into three types:refined organic fertilizer,organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer.Amoung them,organic-inorganic fertilizer is the main fertilizer.They can be produced by the organic fertilizer manfuacturing process.
1.Refined organic fertilizer.Commerical organic fertilizers,which are manufactured in factories and do not contain microorganisms with specific fertilizer effects,they are used to provide organic matter and a small amount of nutrients.As a kind of fertilizer with high organic matter content,refined organic fertilizer is the main fertilizer variety for the production of green agricultural products,organic agriculturial products and pollution-free agricultural products.
2.Organic-inorganic fertilizer.It is made by mixing or combining good organic and inorganic fertilizers,which contains not only a certain proportion of organic matter,but also higher nutrients.
3.Bio organic fertilizer.A commerical organic fertilizer or functional microorganism with nutrient release capacity in soil that is manufactured industrially and contains microorganicsms with specific fertilizer effects.With the development and breakthrough of biotechnology,the development prospect of bio organic fertilizer is considerable.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
The production of the commerical fertilizer is designed for different type to make the granulator,which we can use the fertilizer granulator machine to make the granulator.Like the organic fertilizer production line can be used to produce the refined organic fertilizer.The bio fertilizer production line can be used to make the bio organic fertilizer granulator and so on.
Well,more fertilizer production line can be designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers for different raw materails and different customers' requirements.Any questions about the fertilizer manufacturing process or fertilizer machines,you can leave a message and we can supply some construction suggestions for you.