How to apply biological fertilizer?

 Bio fertilizer can be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing process,and it is higher yield.It can meet the needs of the marketing.So how we apply biological fertilizer?
Bio fertilizer can increase the production by microorganisms,and its effectives depends on good strains,high-quality microbial agents and effective application methods.Therefore,the principles of rational application of bio fertilizers are as follows:first,to ensure that there are enough effective microorganisms in the bio fertilizer;second,to create environmental conditions suitable for the growth of beneficial microorgaisms.We can produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator in bio fertilizer production.And how we apply the fertilizer?
1.Bio fertilizers must be qualified,inferior and outdated.Bacterial fertilizer must be kept in low temperature,shad,ventilation and light shelteer to avoid failure.
2.In order to minimize microbial death,direct sunlight should be avoided in the application process,and appropriate amount of water should be added during seed dressing to make the seeds absorbs completely.After mixing seeds,sowing and covering soil should be done in time,and it should not be mixed with pesticides and fertilizers.
3.The effect of direct application of bacterial fertilizer in acidic soil is poor.Lime and plant ash should be applied together to strengthen the activity of microorganisms.
4.The growth of microorganisms needs enough water,but excessive water will cause poor ventilation and affect the activity of aerobic microorganisms.Therefore,we must pay attention to timely irrigation and drainage in order to maintain the appropriate amount of soil moisture.
5.Microbial activity requires a variety of nutrients.Therefore,adequates supply of nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and trace elements is necessary.For example,in the early growth stage of leguminous crops,adeqate nitrogen must be provided to promote  crop growth and root nouble development.
bio fertilizer production line
Microbial activity requires engery consumption.Organic matter is the main engery source of microorganisms,and decomposition of organic matter can also supply microbial nutrients.Therefore,the application of biological fertilizers must be combined with the application of organic fertilizers.
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