Differences between commercial organic fertilizer and manure

Commercial organic fertilizer and manure can also supplement organic fertilizer and promote the formation of aggregate structure. But in terms of sustainable development of agricultural production, commercial organic fertilizer has more advantages. This is because there are many differences between commercial organic fertilizer and manure.
The difference between commerical organic fertilizer and manure is that they are "harmless"and "mature".Compared with commerical organic fertilizer,manure has many defects:first,it contains more salt,whic is easy yo salinize the soil,such as fresh chicken manure,pig manure,etc.after using,if the polughing is not deep enough,it will cause slow rooting,or even no rooting,which is ease ti cause crop death  in high temperature weather;second,manure with a large number  of bacteria,insect eggs to cause diseases,pests and weeds.The thirdd is that the content of manure nutrients is not stable,which can not be reasonably supplemented;the fourth is that if there are harmful substances and heavy metals in manure,it can not be removed only by high-temperature fermentation by using the fermentation compost turning machine.
The effect of commercial organic fertilizer on soil improvement is more rapid. If the soil is in bad condition, the use of commercial organic fertilizer is faster than manure. This is because the commercial organic fertilizer has two characteristics of cleanness and late maturity. During the fertilizer manufacturing  process of commercial organic fertilizer, not only the high temperature sterilization and insecticidal, but also the complete fermentation by microorganisms , and the good control of oxygen and fermentation temperature, so that the organic matter can be fully decomposed into humus which directly forms the aggregate structure, and the amino acids and beneficial metabolites can be retained. After usingt, it will not directly produce substances that have a negative impact on crops.

The distribution ratio of commercial organic fertilizer is more reasonable. All kinds of nutrients in commercial organic fertilizer can be adjusted, and products with different nutrient contents can be used according to different soil conditions. For example, when the organic matter in the soil is very little and the mineral matter exceeds the standard, the commercial organic fertilizer with higher organic matter content can be selected; in the middle and later period of crop growth, it is necessary to supplement the organic matter in the soil and meet the mineral matter required for crop growth, which requires the use of commercial organic fertilizer with certain large, medium and trace elements. Compared with the simple use of manure, the use of commercial organic fertilizer with other fertilizers can achieve better results.
The organic fertilizer manufacturing process is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator,and the fertilizer machine manufacturers are designing more fertilizer production lines to make the different type fertilizer granulator.
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