How to make the composting fertilizer?

Making the organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer granulator,we can use the fertilizer manufacturing process to make the fertilizer granulator.And there are also another fertilizer type that called composting fertilizer,so how to make the composting using the fertilizer manufacturing technology?
What it is the composting fertilizer?The composting is made by using crop straw,weeds,leaves,green manure,peat,river mud,garbage and other wastes as the main raw materials and adding them to polutry manure and urine for accumulation or retting.UInder the article control under certain temperature,humidity,carbon nitrogen ratio and ventilation conditions,the microbial process of artificially promoting the biochemical transformation of bacteria,actinomycetes,fungi and weed seeds in the feces,and prevent the occurrence of diseases,pests and weeds.
When producing the organic fertilizer using the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it also need to be first to compost the raw materials,and then using the granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator.
organic manufacturing process
Composting conditions:
1.Moisture:The appropriate moisture content of compost is 60%-70% of the wet weight of raw materials,which is it is better to squeeze out a little liquid when holding with hands,and straw can be used for adjustment.In the heating stage,the water should not be too much.In the high temperature stage,the water consumption is too much.It should be replenished in time.In the cooling and post ripening stage,there should be more water to facilitate the accumulation of humus.
2.Ventilation.Maintaining appropriate amount of air is conducive to the propagation and activity of aerobic microorganisms and the decomposition of organic matter.If aeration is too strong,aerobic microorganisms propagate too fast,organic matter decomposes greatly,humus coefficient is low,and nitrogen loss is large.Generally,in the early stage of stacking,it is neccessary to creat more unfavorable conditions to facilitate the formation of humus and reduce nutrient loss.The proper ventation can be adjusted by controlling the water content in the material,the tightness of the pile,setting the vent ditch or vent cylinder,turning over the pile and so on.
3.Compost raw material size.Because microorganisms usually move on the surface of organic particles,reducing the particle suze and increasing the surface area will promote the activities of microorganisms and accelerate the speed of composting;in addition,if the raw materials are too thin,it will hinder the flow of air in the stack layer,reduce the amount of oxygen available in the stack layer,and in turn slow down the speed of microbial activities.In order to speed up the fermentation process,it is necessary to minimize the size of compost materials on the premise of air permability.
When making the composting fertilizer,we use the fermenting technology and the fermentation composting machine,we can improve the working efficient and save more time to make the composting fertilizer.The composting fertilizer can be used in many files.
More type fertilizer machines are designed for making the different type fertilizer,like the fertilizer granulator machine is equipped in a complete fertilizer production line to make the fertilizer granulator.The fertilizer mixer machine is equipped in the fertilizer production line to mix the raw materials uniformaility and other series fertilizer machines are also equipped to make the fertilizer granulator.More fertilizer maufacturing technology or fertilizer machines information that you want to know,you can leave a message for us and we will apply to you as soon as possible.