Application method of compound fertilizer

 The compound fertilizer can be produced by using the fertilizer manufaturing technology,and in the fertilizer manufacturing process,it can be designed for different type fertilizer production lines to make different type fertilizers.Like the compound,npk fertilizer production line can be used to produce the compound fertilizer.After producing the compound fertilizer granulator,how we to use the fertilizer?

The compound fertilizer producing process is not so complex as the the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,the npk fertilizer production process is relative simple and different type fertilizer machines are equipped in the line to make the compound fertilizer.Like the fertilizer screener machine to be used to separate the quality fertilizer graulator from the inquality fertilizer granulator.How we to use the compound fertilizer?
Compound fertilizer is generally used as base fertilizer and topdressing,but not as seed fertilizer and foliar topdressing to prevent seeding burning.
1.As base fertilizer.There are N-P-K nutrient in the compound fertilizer.At the same time,most of the fertilizer is granular,which decomposes more slowly than the simple fertilizer.Therefore,it is better to be used as the base fertilizer,it can be applied deeply,which is benefical to the absorption of nuitrients by crop roots in the middle and later stages,meets the maxium needs of P and K nutrients in the middle and later stages of crops,and overcomes the difficulties of applying P and K fertilizers in the middle and later stages.
2.As topdressing. Compound fertilizer as top dressing will lead to waste of P and K resources, because P and K fertilizers are difficult to play a role on the soil surface, and the utilization rate is not high in the current season. If there is no compound fertilizer in the base fertilizer, it can also be applied properly after emergence.
3.As seed fertilizer.In principle,the compound fertilizer can not be used as seed fertilizer,because the high concentration fertilizer is easy yo burn seedings when mixed with seeds.If we must make seed fertilizer,we must separate the fertilizer from the seed to avoid burning the seedings.
npk fertilizer production
The application of the compound fertilizer is not only can be produced by using the different type raw materials,it not only can contain the n,p,k materials,it also can contain other raw materials.As the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only design and produce the fertilizer machines,we also design the different type fertilizer production line for producing different type fertilizer granulator.Like the organic fertilizer production line is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator.The fertilizer production line is designed and using the fertilizer manufacturing technology to produce the fertilizer is more easier  and save more time,using the semi-automatically fertilizer production line and fertilizer machines is not only improve the producing efficient,it also save more investment in labor cost.Any questions you want to know,you can visit our website and leave a message for us,we will apply to you as soon as possible.