Powdery organic fertilizer production line

 We can use the fertilizer granulator machine to make the fertilizer into granulator,and we also can make the fertilizer into powdery.We can design the fertilizer production line to make the organic fertilizer granulator or inorganic fertilizer granulator.And we also can design the fertilizer production line to make the fertilizer powdery.How we to make the fertilizer powdery using the fertilizer manufacturing process?Before that we need to know what is the powdery organic fertilizer?
Powdered organic fertilizer refers to the fertilizer produced by organic raw materials fermented in a certain proportion without particles.It is different from traditional retting fermentation.The standard is 40% organic matter,more than 5% total nutrient and 30% water.The equippment is also relatively simple,mainly the trilogy of fermentation,namely:premixing,turning,refining,plus packaging.The purpose of fermentation is to decompose the macromolecular materials of organic raw materials into small milecular materials that can be absorbed and utilized by crops.The quality of fermentation is also related to the quality and effect of organic fertilizer.
The powdery organic fertilizer production line is designed for the users who are just starting and lack of funds.Considering that the users are worried about the high price of powdery organic fertilizer equipment because they have just started to nuild factories,but the excrement of their own farm has no place to deal with and pollutes the environment,and the whole area is smelly and other problems,we have designed a set of small powdery organic fertilizer production line.The production line can not only solve the problem of less investment and quick return,but also don't worry about the marketing(self use or local scales).The whole set of powdery organic fertilizer production line is low investment.The low cost investment not only solves the problem of environmental pollution,but also increases the good project of income and wealth.In addition,you can apply for subsidy from local goverment.
powdery organic fertilizer production line
The powder organic fertilizer equipment configured for the powder organic fertilizer production line includes:In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process, it mainly include the half wet material crusher machine,horizontal mixer machine(auxiliary materials can be selected),drum screening machine,belt conveyor(belt length depend on the site),automatic packaging machine.The fermentation tank and production line account for about 200 square meters(the floor space can be reduced according to the customers' actual situation).
Tips and precautions for equipment selection process of powder organic fertilizer production line:
The type selection of powdery organic fertilizer is relative simple.The main equipment includes micer,stacker,refining equipment,automatic packaging machine and belt conveyor.
The small-scale powdery organic fertilizer production line generally selects the small-scale mixer,the shallow trough dumper or the stirp stacking dumper,the refinement equipment,the automatic packing machine and so on.
For the premixing equipment of large-scale powdery organic fertilizer production line,double shifts fertilizer mixer machine or horizontal mixer machine is generally selected,while for the turning machine,simple compost turner machine or chain plate stacker is selected,which is generally determined according to its own capatial situation and automation level.
It is necessary to select 2-3 large scale crusher machine for refining equipment,or select screening first and then crushing to save some engery.Because the fermented organic raw materials have a large moisture content,high grinding difficulty,and large powder of equipment,screening and refining equipment must be selected to achieve high output,high efficiency and engery saving.Finaly packaging,this packaging must choose organic fertilizer powder packaging machine.
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