What types fertilizer machinery needed in powdery fertilizer production line?

In last article,we shared what it is the powdery organic fertilizer,and how to build a powdery fertilizer production line.So in this article we share what types fertilizer machines needed in the powdery fertilizer production line.When using the fertilizer manufacturing technology to make the organic fertilizer or npk compound fertilizer powdery ,the process become simple and efficient.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,the mainly fertilizer machines have the fertilizer mixer machine,fermentation compost turner machine,and automatic packing machine and so on.The mainly fertilizer machine is the fertilizer crusher machine.We designed the new type vertical half wet material crusher machine equipped in the organic powdery fertilizer production line.The vertical disc half wet material crusher machine is widely used in the medium and fine crushing fields of kinds of high hard and extra hard materials such as cement,bauxite clinker,carborundum and glass raw materials.It is widely used in the crushing of machine made building sand,stone and various metallurgical slag.Compared with other types of crushers,it has high output and efficiency.
Working principle of new vertical half wet material crusher:
The materials fall vertically into the high-speed roating impeller from the uper part of the machine.Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force,they will collide and rub with each other for many times between the impeller and the shell,and then will be discharged directly from the lower part,forming a closed circuit and multiple times of circulation.Thee ring is controlled by the screenin equipment to reach the required particle size of the finished product.
organic fertilizer production line
Drum screen of powdery organic fertilizer:
The drum screening machine for powdery organic fertilizer is a new type of screening equipment.The drum screen is mainly composed of motor,reducer,drum device,frame,sealing cover and material inlet and outlet.The whole body is inclined to the ground surface,and the outside is sealed by a sealed isolation cover to prevent environment pollution.The screening cylinder rotates at a certain speed through the variable speed decleration system,the materials are separated from top to bottom through the screening cylinder,the fine materials are discharged from the lower part of the front end of the screening cylinder,and the coarse materials are discharged from the lower end of the screening cylinder.
Organic fertilizer powder packaging machine:
Organic fertilizer powder packaging machine:with irs "fast,accurate,stable"----to become the choice of packaging industry.Organic fertilizer powdery packaging machine is suitable for packaging materials:woven bags,cloth bags and plastic bags,etc.Packaging machine material:304 stainless steel is used for the contact part with the material,with high anti-corrosion ability,it is widely used in feed,compound fertilizer,bb fertilizer,grain,ssed,chemical industry and other industries.Packing machine applicable materials:granular materials,powder materials,mixed materials.
The powdery organic fertilizer production line is not so complex as the npk fertilizer production line or the bio organic fertilizer production line,in the line,every machines are easy to be operated.
In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,more fertilizer machines type needed to be equipped,and these fertilizer machines which are designed by the fertilizer machine engineers.We are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we have produced the fertilizer machines and designed the fertilizer production lines for many years,and our products exported to many countries.We also can customerized the fertilizer production line.If you are interested in fertilizer machines or fertilizer production lines,you can leave a message for us,we will apply to you as soon as possible.