Production of the organic fertilizer granulator,we can choose the raw materials of the cow manure,pig manure and other type animal manure,what's more,we also can choose the sludge to make the organic fertilizer granulator.Because in the sludge it also contain many organic matter.How we to build the organic fertilizer production line using the sludge to make the organic fertilizer granulator?
In the fertilizer manufacturing process it is equipped with different type fertilizer machines to finish the project.We will share more in this article.
Project scheme features:
1.Select dynamic composting and static composting process with mature process,less investment and stable operation;through reasonable parameter design and optimized structure design,realize the high efficiency of industrial production of soild waste treatment,reduce project investment and operation cost.
2.The chain plate trough type tipping equipment with small floor area and high efficiency of tipping aeration is selected as the main process equipment of composting treatment,which can reduce the cost of civil engineering and be used together with the moving machine,greatly improving the efficiency of equipment use and reducing the total investment.
3.Patented extrusion pelletizing technology and equipment are used in the fertilizer manurefacturing process,saving the cost of subsequent pelletizing and drying,and the product forming rate is more than 90%.
Production plan of sludge organic fertilizer in pharmaceutical plant:Take the annual production capacity of 10000 tons as an example(the capacity size can provide personalized factory building schemes with different capacity sizes according to the needs of users)
Process design description:It is mainly composed of raw material automatic batching and mixing system,aerobic fermentation system,screening and grinding system,computer batching system,pelletizing and grinding system,drying system,cooling and packing system.The processing technology is advanced,realiable complete compact in structure,simple in operation,convenient in maintenance and high in automation.
The major fertilizer equipment include :The vertical chain crusher machine,half wet material crusher machine,computer automatic electronic batching system double shifts mixer machine and roller press granulator machine,which the series fertilizer granulator machine can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator using the roller pelletilizing method.Besides these fertilizer machines,it also need to use the drum dryer machine,cooler machine and finished product screening machine and automatic packing machine.The complete fertilizer production line are equipped with different type fertilizer machines for producing the organic fertilizer granulator.Uisng the sludge as the raw materials to make the organic fertilizer granulator,before that we need to be first to ferment the raw materials using the fermentation compost turner machine.
organic fertilizer production line
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